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Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man (January 1976)


It’s too bad this one doesn’t work out better, but at least it fails in an interesting way. Superman and Spider-Man simply can’t work together. It’s not so much the problems with them not matching powers—Lex Luthor zaps Spidey with some red Kryptonite powers to even the odds at one point—it’s the characters themselves, they’re too different.

The comic’s split into four parts. First is a Superman prologue, then a Spidey, then Doctor Octopus and Lex teaming up before the culminating team-up between Spidey and Superman. The first three parts work great. The fourth part barely works at all. Peter Parker and Lois Lane meeting up, professionally, it works great. Morgan Edge and Jonah getting hammered? Also great.

Superman calling Spidey “web-slinger?” Not great. Though Spidey gets away with calling him “Supes.”

The art hodgepodge makes it visually interesting, but not good.

It’s sadly charmless.


The Battle of the Century!; writer, Gerry Conway; pencillers, Ross Andru, Neal Adams and John Romita; inkers, Dick Giordano, Terry Austin, Josef Rubinstein, Bob Wiacek and Romita; colorist, Jerry Serpe; letterer, Gaspar Saladino; editors, Roy Thomas, Julius Schwartz, Marv Wolfman, E. Nelson Bridwell, Carmine Infantino, Stan Lee and Conway; publishers, DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

2 responses to “Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man (January 1976)”

  1. Filip Önell

    Ah, Marvel/DC crossovers.

    I remember “DC vs. Marvel”, where Superman actually had trouble battling Venom. Terrible.

  2. Egads! The last time I read this was in grade school, so my memory of it is pretty shabby. The main thing I remember is Terry Austin’s really great inks making Ross Andru’s over dramatic figures and faces look palatable. And forty years later, I still remember the great background inks on buildings and details far surpassing the ordinary comics of the monthly bunch. Wish I still had this silly comic.

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