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The Lost Thing (2010, Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan)

A scene from THE LOST THING, directed by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan for Passion Pictures.

The Lost Thing is based on Shaun Tan’s picture book, which explains how it juggles being melancholic while still full of wonderment. It’s a partial, epically told metaphor for growing up. It’s a lovely little film with a great structure.

The first half contains most of the scenes. The protagonist finds this gigantic, friendly creature (maybe an octopus in reverse diving gear) and brings it to his friend’s then brings it home. The second half concerns him trying to find a place for it, since his parents aren’t understanding.

In that second half of the film is where the film realizes all its promised magical qualities. It suggests them in the opening few moments—Michael Yezerski’s score is fantastic—but it doesn’t fulfill them until it moves away from traditional scenes.

Tim Minchin’s narration is problematic. The writing is fine, but his voice isn’t.

Still, he doesn’t hurt the quality.



Directed by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan; written by Tan, based on his book; edited by Leo Baker; music by Michael Yezerski; produced by Sophie Byrne; released by Passion Pictures.

Starring Tim Minchin (The Boy).


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