Jacob Court stars in FACTORY FARMED, directed by Gareth Edwards.

Factory Farmed (2008, Gareth Edwards)

Factory Farmed is a great example of how digital video has made it possible for anyone to put together something great looking without actually having the previously requisite levels of talent. It’s a harsh statement—and I actually would rather have made some comment about auteur Edwards assuming everyone cares about his silly sci-fi premise (it reminds a little of Screamers in more ways than one, with no credit). Edwards does fine composition. His editing and camerawork, however, are weak.

The short looks fine—pointless, but fine—whenever Edwards is shooting a static shot. His lone actor roams around the countryside, searching for someone or something, walking across and through frames. Daniel Pemberton’s score is excellent. The whole thing gives the impression of being weighty and profound.

Then Edwards tracks the camera and it’s amateurish.

It’s a shockingly long five minutes. I got bored after a minute twenty.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed, edited and photographed by Gareth Edwards; music by Daniel Pemberton; produced by Zoe Eilliot.

Starring Jacob Court and Allen Leech.


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