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Red Herring (2009) #3


Okay, Tischman’s starting to confuse me. The problem with Red Herring is the narration. It’s this close third person—with a bit of second mixed in—narration and it’s never clear who it’s talking about.

The problem is clear this issue, as I have no idea if aliens are real or if they’re just a big business ruse. Tischman moves from a guy who believes in them to someone who doesn’t….

Otherwise, the issue is pretty straightforward conspiracy stuff. It’s an action issue. Complications are ensuing, something to get the issue to its six issues. They aren’t bad complications and, actually, it’s maybe the best comics padding I’ve ever read.

The point of a conspiracy thriller is—to some degree—compelling padding. The answer is always at the end (presumably) so it’s the trip. Tischman gets it.

Hahn’s taking on more chores here and does fine with them.

Good stuff.

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