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Red Herring (2009) #2


Okay, I forgot to mention the alien conspiracy thing.

Tischman comes up with this great explanation for Area 51 and so on—well, it seems like he’s come up with one (he might have the little green men show up in the last issue anyway). The U.S. government is so stupid, they were duped by big business into believing aliens are real and after us… so give big business trillions of dollars.

It’s probably true, who knows….

Regardless, it’s a great idea and Tischman explores a lot of it this issue. His character names, which I noticed first issue a little, are a lot clearer here with “Penny Candy.” Tischman’s having a lot of fun, the reader’s supposed to being having fun too.

Nice art from Bond and Hahn. Who knew a mall could be so much fun to see rendered?

My only compliant is the issue ends too fast.

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