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Star-Spangled War Stories (2010) #1


I don’t know if Justiniano and Tom Derenick draw exactly alike or if Andrew Mangum is just a really strong inker. If it’s just Magnum, he’s got have been going crazy to make it all fit.

The issue is a slick espionage story set in occupied France. There’s a decent twist at the end and Billy Tucci writes a strong Mademoiselle Marie. She’s not just smart, she’s cunning to a vicious degree. It’s a nice characterization.

It’s a shame Tucci’s dialogue is weak and his plotting is confusing.

The comic reminds me a lot of a slick Hollywood blockbuster. The pitfalls in the plot don’t matter because it’s moving very fast and is sufficiently compelling—I mean, at times it feels like the comic is missing pages because it’s so disjointed.

Some of the fault lies with the artists (regardless of it being smooth, it’s boring), but it’s Tucci’s responsibility.

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