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Our Army at War (2010) #1


I would have expected Our Army at War a few years earlier. I had no idea the Obama administration was paying companies to create pro-war media. I thought only Bush did it. This issue proves me wrong.

Well, that or DC’s just pro-war.

It’s hard to say.

Marts’s script juxtaposes a soldier in WWII with one in Afghanistan. There might be some unlikely connection, like the modern soldier’s fiancée was the granddaughter of the girl who got away from the guy in WWII. Except it would have meant she married a Japanese guy… I wonder if Marts’s forties history is that bad.

Umm… I’m not entirely sure I’ve read anything stupider (the Pearl Harbor comparison to 9/11 is idiotic) but also more of a cheat.

It’s supposed a Sgt. Rock story. He cameos, along with his modern equivalent (who looks like Ultimate Nick Fury).

Truly hideous stuff.

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