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Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions (2015) #1

Minimum Wage So Many Bad Decisions  1

Bob Fingerman and his alter ego, Rob Hoffman, return in Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions and it’s a wonderful return.

Fingerman throws Rob through some more hoops as things look up, down, and all around with his new girlfriend, but more importantly, it’s Rob’s birthday. No one remembers except his mother, of course. And even though Rob is getting a revised supporting cast–Fingerman forces a mentor on him–the issue feels very much Rob’s. Fingerman does a great job with the characters this issue, whether it’s the girlfriend, the mother, Rob’s friend who has a whole speech about crapping, but Rob gets the best moments. Fingerman takes the time for him.

As usual, the art’s great. There’s a Richard Corben reference in the dialogue, which seems so appropriate given Fingerman looks like Corben through a Disney-grinder, and some great shading for tone.

Great stuff. Glad it’s back.

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