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G.I. Combat (2010) #1


While I do love me some Phil Winslade, he doesn’t draw distinct enough faces for a war comic where the tank crews all wear around headgear. I mean, he’s got this scene where its two tank crews standing around and it’s absolutely impossible to tell who’s who. Even from the dialogue, it’s confusing….

Otherwise, it’s a lovely comic. Winslade draws some great scenery and his action is all very strong. I suppose his expressions—regardless of being the faces being too indistinct to reveal identities—are good too.

Matthew Sturges’s script is pretty good. It’s just a Haunted Tank story—an apolitical one, which I do take some issue with in this day and age—and Sturges introduces the idea of another Haunted Tank-type situation. It’s cute and a little out of place.

But the rest—the tank crew procedural—is all solid.

It’s a fine enough war comic.

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