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Xombi (1994) #16


Okay, by not reading the cover, I missed knowing the giant rat—Boogieman—was guest-starring from one of the Milestone superhero books. It looks like this issue is where Rozum had to bring in guest stars to try and up the sales on Xombi. There’s some other character in it too, some flying chick with a bad attitude who Xombi had a crossover with at some point (I think at the zero issue—Rozum makes a comment about the timing).

It’s a solid enough action issue. Not much magic. There’s some really funny dialogue from the Nun, who fights better than David, and again his particular powers are not in display. He’s just an adventurer. Maybe Milestone was trying to cut back on him losing limbs every issue. You know, for the kids.

Rozum has some really touching moments with the supporting cast; clipped or not, he’s writing well.

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