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Bad Dog (2009) #1


The most striking thing about Bad Dog is Diego Greco’s painted art. Besides one problem, it’s some of the finer painted comic book art. Joe Kelly’s characters and situations tend to be absurd and Greco turns Bad Dog into this incredibly polished political cartoon. He’s very talented.

Except when it comes to werewolves. The protagonist is a werewolf and Greco’s work is way too finished for him. There’s not a stray clump of fur. It looks like the titular Bad Dog (or Lou) is constantly grooming himself.

It’s unfortunate.

Still, Kelly’s writing is strong enough it can distract. There’s his sidekick, a degenerate preacher played for comedic purposes, and the blind girl who’s got the hots for him. There’s also a talking decapitated head in the refrigerator taunting him. This issue actually goes on so long with plot… it seems too long.

While not revolutionary, Bad Dog‘s solid, engaging storytelling.

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