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Xombi (1994) #15


Yeah, Xombi’s definitely taken a change in direction. This issue, Rozum brings back some barely relevant monsters and makes them attack the population. Can David and his friends stop them? Who knows, there’s a cliffhanger first—this issue makes the third where David’s powers don’t make a significant appearance.

Neither does his fiancée. No mention either, which means she’s not even on par with Maris from “Fraiser.”

It’s a good issue, no doubt. Very brisk, intelligently written—lots of pop culture bickering between David and his friends, who still don’t seem to notice he appears much younger.

Rozum comes up with some amusing new characters, like a human-sized rat who leads all the other rats. But there’s a certain enthusiasm gone.

Rozum was trying something with all that complicated supernatural mythology stuff. Giant rats and nasty monsters… he’s just trying to be palatable.

So, while good, it’s apparently compromised.

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