Muppet Peter Pan (2009) #1


Reading Muppet Peter Pan, I’m confused why Boom! didn’t open with this series, at least as far as their themed Muppet comics go. I also want to mention I had a chance to get an Amy Mebberson sketch cover at C2E2 and did not because I hadn’t read Peter Pan yet and now greatly regret it. Mebberson’s art nearly makes the book. It’s outstanding (she seems to spend time making sure Piggy is pretty), nicely straddling making the Muppets cute and kid friendly while still turning in good artwork.

But Randolph’s writing, her use of adult humor–I mean, Sam the Eagle’s jingoistic narration works beautifully, as does Piggy’s bent-out-of-shape Tinkerbell–makes the comic a lot more fun than it probably should be.

It’s a brisk, but involving read. I like how it doesn’t rush us to Neverland yet, instead concentrating on just being a solid narrative.

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