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Xombi (1994) #7


Just after I’ve gotten used to the supporting cast, Rozum gets rid of them for a new one. These people have more to do with David, I suppose, but they’re his regular friends. They’re nowhere near as interesting as the wacky, magical ones.

This issue starts a new arc and Rozum has returned to the regular narration. No more David Kim narrating, unfortunately.

Most of the issue hinges on how successful Birch is at drawing something really disturbing. it turns out he’s really good at it and makes someone with a hand for legs incredibly uncanny. It’s mostly an action issue. There’s some mood and talking heads, but it’s mostly action. Physical versus supernatural.

What’s particularly interesting is how Rozum uses David. He doesn’t use his powers and only gets into the story because he’s trying to help. He’s compelled to try.

It’s both a bridge issue and not one.

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