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The Sixth Gun (2010) #11


Bunn has taken the reader’s expectations—or at least, Bunn’s perception of the reader’s expectations—and reversed them. It means he gets to end this issue, and its arc, in an unexpected place. Gord, who’s been sort of a seventh wheel around The Sixth Gun for a while, is apparently bowing out for a bit and Becky and Drake are off to a new adventure.

The issue itself is mostly action, with some surprises as far as plot points and guest stars. It’s all very competent, very genial and very pleasant. Even with all the supernatural stuff.

The last five issues, however, become nothing more than a transitional phase in the series. All the changes and revelations of the arc could be summed up in two paragraphs of dialogue. Hurtt’s artwork makes the series beautiful to read, but there’s not much point to the story itself.

It’s well executed padding.

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