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Bathing and the Single Girl (2010, Christine Elise McCarthy)

Christine Elise McCarthy stars in BATHING AND THE SINGLE GIRL, directed by Christine Elise McCarthy for Multum in Parvo.

There are a couple moments in Bathing and the Single Girl where McCarthy almost laughs at herself. The short is a filmed monologue. McCarthy, in a variety of settings, talks directly to the camera. She’s recounting two related events–with digressions. The second event has an excellent punchline. But she doesn’t end on the punchline; she gently continues the anecdote, using it to give the short an ending.

The first time she almost laughs, it’s a single take. The second time, editor John Putch cuts to her just after the most visible moment of containing her laughter. Putch’s editing is fantastic (as are the uncredited cinematographers).

McCarthy’s performance of the monologue is excellent and matches her visualizing of it perfectly; she never breaks her format, even after the monologue becomes really funny.

Bathing and the Single Girl is masterful, thoughtful and–even though the subject material is serious–delightful work.

3/3Highly Recommended


Written, directed and produced by Christine Elise McCarthy; edited by John Putch; production designer, McCarthy; released by Multum in Parvo.

Starring Christine Elise McCarthy.


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