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Xombi (1994) #4


Even Birch seems to give up a little this issue, which introduces a bunch of new things—not just new characters, but new creatures—for David Kim to contend with. Birch’s faces look unfinished, like he skipped inking them because he had to much other stuff to do.

There’s only a little stuff with Kim this issue; he gets to beat up the villain and show off his superpowers again. By the end, Rozum is already introducing more stuff for the next issue.

Xombi doesn’t work in any traditional sense—it’s like Rozum had an idea for the big story and just used his protagonist to tell that story. It’s an okay story (too many proper nouns to remember), but Rozum’s characters are really good and the dialogue’s funny.

It’s just not particularly compelling. Because he drops the reader into this preexisting situation, it’s impossible to really care about it.

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