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Xombi (1994) #5


The soft cliffhanger implies Rozum is going to start dealing with David’s stuff next issue. I’m not holding my breath, but I am somewhat hopeful….

This issue is another mixed bag. The issue revolves around this giant monster—who Rozum just now introduces, even though he’s been sort of present a while—and the gang trying to defeat with it. It doesn’t taken them very long. In fact, it’s like Rozum and Birch don’t realize they’re not doing a movie. Giant monsters in comics don’t have a lot of dramatic effect.

One of the non-permanent supporting cast members exits here too. He’s last scene is one of the best scenes in a Xombi issue in a while. It’s very bittersweet and touching, even if Rozum abbreviated it a little too much.

Still, lots of good character moments and the plot does move.

And I’m hopeful for the next one.

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