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Xombi (1994) #1


There’s a way to end on a downer….


Rozum moves between science and magic this issue. The science stuff basically just uses concepts the reader is likely familiar with—nanotechnology mostly—and shows how awesome it could be. The magic is a little different. It gives Rozum a lot of room to be creative. He also gets to have a ghost-busting nun—well, I’m hoping she’s a ghost-busting nun.

The issue takes place over a day, so the reader gets to know the protagonist through his new assistant. It’s an interesting kind of protagonist for a comic. He’s Asian, first of all, but he’s also old enough to have grey temples and he’s completely ordinary. He’s a former adjunct professor who’s still working on getting his Ph.D. In other words, he’s boring.

The ending rushes, but it makes the cliffhanger works even better.

It’s an amazing finish.

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