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Sci-Spy (2002) #5


Now, how’s Moench going to get himself—and the cast—out of the not insubstantial hole he dug for them?


I mean, it’s sort of simple—kiss, kiss, bang, bang simple—but it works. Gulacy and Palmiotti eventually have a lot to do this issue, but even at the open… they do well making the unbelievable seem somewhat reasonable.

Moench has one big surprise for the issue and it’s not a bad one. It does leave something to be desired in terms of background. While the reveal is certainly plausible, he’s leaving out what leads up to the event and that sleight of hand is obvious. He doesn’t need it, but it would be nice just to feel like he took the time to figure it all out.

Maybe the next issue will reveal all.

After a couple definite trips, it looks like Sci-Spy will finish pretty well.

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