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Sci-Spy (2002) #6


Are there any real surprises? Nope. Moench doesn’t even resolve the questions he raised last issue. It’s not a particularly good issue of the series—though far from the worst in terms of Moench’s expository dialogue. He’s got a bunch of it here too, but since it’s the last issue, he gets some leeway.

There’s a huge battle scene and Gulacy and Palmiotti do well with it. The battle has an unlikely setting, at least in terms of physics, but it looks good. It’s not particularly dramatic—again, it’s the last issue and even Moench’s surprise is expected. Actually, not even the big final dramatic moment has much drama.

Sci-Spy mixes a lot of sci-fi movie plot points—not much spy stuff, except Q and then only in the second issue—and Moench and Gulacy do an okay job regurgitating it all into something workable.

It’s decent enough.

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  1. As much as this series may leave you with a yearning for more, workmanlike comics like this really don’t exist much anymore. The big two pretty much refuse to bring out new titles unless they have some sort of valuable tie in to their regular licensed properties. Despite the incredible increase in the amount of titles these days, obscure, niche oriented runs of books like this have all but disappeared from their publishing schedules. A sad state of affairs at best.

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