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Sci-Spy (2002) #4


Coming off the highpoint of last issue, it shouldn’t be a surprise this one has problems. Moench spends the first half of it unveiling the “true” ground situation. Loads of expository dialogue, but some really nice flashback summary art from Gulacy and Palmiotti. Not sure what’s up with the weightlifting fetishizing, but whatever….

Then Moench moves on to the action, sci-fi part of it. It’s well-plotted and interesting, even if the dialogue’s terrible. He’s got to fill the pages with something, so he choses weak dialogue between the two protagonists. They’re an established couple now and a lot less interesting. Once again, the orb provides a lot of needed comic relief.

As for the conclusion—and the very hard cliffhanger—it’s good. I have no idea what to expect, given the situation Moench saddles on the protagonists.

Only one severe problem—Gulacy’s Predator-influenced alien designs are weak.

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  1. Despite his rather hit and miss relationship with Mick(?) Gray as a packager of comic series these days, Palmiotti is easily one of the best inkers in the business and could make even the lamest hack look acceptable. I realize he probably has a better income these days as a “concept” man, but I sure do miss those inks of his. Wish I could of seen this series, but that’s how it goes when I insist on dead tree comix…

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