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The Maze Agency 10 (March 1990)

275575Robb Phipps takes over as penciller this issue (Magyar stays on inking thank goodness). He’s not good, not bad. His scale is off, with people, settings, especially hands, but he’s competent. Maze feels professional, in terms of the art, just not special.

The story, however, is quite good. Now, with Gabe and Jennifer dating–this issue is more of him in her world–Barr focuses on the non-mystery aspects. Jennifer’s back story is far more interesting than the rather tame mystery. Barr uses Gabe as the vehicle for these discoveries (the reader the passenger) and there’s never any boring exposition.

There are some fantastic moments in the dialogue. Barr sets up difficult situations and writes great lines to move them along. Phipps is good at the visual pacing of these scenes, probably more so than the actual investigation ones.

It’s solid, the writing overcoming the somewhat trivial art problems.


Deadly Anniversary; writer, Mike W. Barr; penciller, Robb Phipps; inker, Rick Magyar; colorist, Susan Glod; letterer, Vickie Williams; editor, David Campiti; publisher, Innovation Publishing.

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