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Sci-Spy (2002) #3


Interesting. Moench pulls out some surprises this issue—not simple ones either. The issue opens with something like a Raiders of the Lost Ark homage and it works. The dialogue’s still kind of weak, leftovers from last issue, but Gulacy and Palmiotti make the action pretty.

Then we get romance and humor. Moench comes up with some funny stuff too and the romance angle—between the protagonists—changes the book enough it starts to really work. it’s different… sci-fi action as a first date and so on.

The names, I need to take a moment on the names. The guy—Sebastian Starchild—gets the regular comics alliteration. But the girl? Isis Nile. Maybe Moench just liked that name and didn’t want to make it rhyme with anything.

Oh, and the finish—the soft cliffhanger? Absolutely fantastic. Might even go a level deeper and get really funky.

It’s getting good.

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