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The Unwritten (2009) #15


Wilson Taylor makes his first appearance in Unwritten’s present action this issue; it’s Carey’s biggest surprise so far. Not because his appearance is so extraordinary, but just the opposite. He shows up like he’s been in the cast the entire time.

While the Pullman subplot develops, the issue brings Tom back to his literary geographer status. He and Savoy spend the issue on a slight quest to meet up with Wilson—I never expected the old boy to actually show up at the end of it, though.

Meanwhile, Carey has Lizzie still back home, though she does bring some of her new life back with her. She’s learned a lot among them English.

Carey’s set up Lizzie as a strong character, who can survive on her own in the book. Savoy, he hasn’t. He needs to be a sidekick.

Just an observation, not a judgment. Lizzie’s more pleasant anyway.

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  1. Lizzie’s the hottest nerd girl in comics today. More of her history with Wilson gets revealed later. Great stuff…

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