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The Unwritten (2009) #16


So is Wilson’s editor in with Wilson or in with the bad guys? The issue has a soft cliffhanger for Lizzie—who somehow got to go home, but lost it too (I wonder if Carey’s seen Somewhere in Time because he really pulls a penny out of the pocket in terms of an easy fix)—but nothing regarding Tommy and Savoy and the book itself.

This issue of Unwritten made me realize Carey’s plans are finite. The series is not intended to go on forever, which is probably better—not just in realistic publishing terms, but also so Carey doesn’t get to a point where he’s dragging it out. But it’s a little depressing to realize.

The issue’s difficult to discuss without spoiling… suffice it to say, Carey keeps the surprises coming.

Savoy does get the short end once again.

It’s impossible to anticipate where Carey will go from here.

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  1. While Carey may be planning a finite ending (which should, incidentally, be standard issue for ALL comic books, I can safely say he’s exploring the Timothy universe at it’s own pace, giving length where it’s needed. And Lizzie is still the hottest geek chick in comics. Move over, Suicide Girls…

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