Star Trek 7 (March 2012)

860890Johnson does a whole lot better when he’s not adapting episodes of the original “Star Trek.” Sure, it’s the whole point of this series, but this issue–the first original one–is leagues better than the previous ones.

Okay, Joe Phillips’s art is the same tepid, heavy on the likenesses, light on actual quality art the rest of this Trek series has had, but the story makes up for it.

This issue’s a sequel to the Trek revamp movie, with rogue Vulcans and Romulans in some kind of intrigue and the Enterprise getting involved. Johnson writes a really good scene for Kirk and Spock, something I can’t remember having happened before. Clearly the adaptations are too constrictive for his writing.

The other plus is the end reveal. It’s a great soft cliffhanger end reveal, feeling exactly like one before a commercial break.

It’s nice to actually enjoy reading this series.


Vulcan’s Vengeance, Part 1; writer, Mike Johnson; artist, Joe Phillips; colorist, John Rauch; letterer, Neil Uyetake; editor, Scott Dunbier; publisher, IDW Publishing.

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