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The Unwritten (2009) #14


Here Carey has another bridging issue. He gets in some great moments, but he’s mostly just building to the next big incident. He uses this pacing a lot in Unwritten, at least in the two previous arcs, and it always works out very well.

But this issue also has another facet and it’s where Carey distinguishes the series again.

Lizzie freaks out this issue about the possibility of not being a fictive character. Carey resolves it, or seems to, at the end of the issue, but the beauty is seeing how scared she gets over it, how far she’s willing to go to find out the truth. While Carey’s shown fictive characters who are somewhat shady about understanding their place in the “real world,” the vampire bad guy for example, Lizzie’s panic is a first in Unwritten. It’s lovely stuff.

Otherwise, the issue mostly features some well-written water treading.

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