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The Unwritten (2009) #13


Well, while I don’t known exactly what I expected from this issue of Unwritten, I will say I never expected the cliffhanger Carey finishes with.

In most ways, the issue is innocuous. There’s the new Tommy Taylor book—a fake—and there’s an event, but that event isn’t happening this issue. There’s some more information about Lizzie, there’s Tom getting hammered with Frankenstein’s Monster… but it’s not a particularly active issue.

Then Carey comes up with a couple big reveals for the end, leading up to the cliffhanger. The second reveal is tied directly to that cliffhanger.

It’s an excellent issue. The way Carey’s able to keep it fresh—not just as the next development in the overall narrative, but also in terms of the twenty-two pages of story— shows why Unwritten is such a great series.

I’m now to the point I have no idea what to expect.

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  1. It seems like with Unwritten, Carey has a series where he can call all the shots, unlike Lucifer. Not sure how long he can keep up this momentum, but so far, so good. Even the fill in issues have had high level success, especially with the artist collaborators. Here’s to yet another success at Vertigo.

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