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Furious 3 (March 2014)

Furious #3Glass doesn’t let up this issue. He makes things so intense, the previous issue’s cliffhanger is forgotten until this issue’s cliffhanger, which is similarly themed. The one problematic thing about Furious is how much Glass is hinging on the resolution to the Cadence Lark question.

Based on this issue, which features Furious fighting a serial killer who’s out to rid the world of women, Glass will probably do fine. This issue’s hard, mean and still somewhat positive. The fight’s convincing not just in the blow by blow, but how Furious develops through it.

Santos’s style–violent but appealing–is perfect for this issue too. The fight against the serial killer has to be uncomfortable, but equally balanced between concern for Furious as she gets assaulted and concern for how much the violence she visits on the villain as it psychologically tears at her.

A page-turner to say the least.



Fallen Star, Part Three, Blaze of Glory; writer, Bryan J.L. Glass; artist, Victor Santos; letterer, Nate Piekos; editors, Spencer Cushing and Jim Gibbons; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    This book continues to impress with it’s complete lack of predictability. At first, you’re not sure the art is compatible with the subject matter, but it’s expressionistic fury fits the mood of the story perfectly. A comic that has been an anticipated read as well as a page turner. Rare these days at this intensity.

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