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Swamp Thing (1972) #18


In what’s easily David Michelinie’s best-written Swamp Thing issue, the gang (consisting of Swamp Thing, Bolt, Matt and Abby) run into a strange little town filled with insane old people. There’s some deception at first, but it’s really an occult thing—the old people want to capture young people and steal their souls to become young again. It feels like a pretty okay episode of “The Twilight Zone.” Well, except for Swamp Thing.

Michelinie still writes Swamp Thing like a bit of a moron and Redondo has lost the enthusiasm to illustrate him well. The people are fine, Swamp Thing is not. Redondo has a particularly bad fight scene where Swamp Thing changes in size and proportion throughout.

Also odd is Michelinie tying Abby to Swamp Thing telepathically here.

No explanations yet, but Cable doesn’t like it.

Minor weaknesses aside, it’s not terrible. Michelinie is starting to near competence.

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