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War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle (2008) #2


It takes Ennis until the last two or three pages to finally set up War Is Hell. It’s a great use of five issues, because his reveal isn’t particularly extraordinary. it’s just funny.

This issue also features the first complicated dogfight and Chaykin fails miserably. The rest of his layouts are fine, good even. But the dogfight is miserable and probably not worth the time to discern what he’s trying to convey.

Ennis gives a lot of attention to the dialogue here—Ennis loves his British dialects, but he isn’t using them in War Is Hell. Instead, he’s attempting to convey a very natural dialogue. It takes a tad more careful reading, but it’s worth it for the effect.

He’s also playing with the idea of a traditional protagonist. The supporting characters are far stronger so far. While unbalanced, the emphasis feels organic.

The issue’s quite good, writing trumping art.

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