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War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle (2008) #3


I do so wish Chaykin took the time to make the characters look different. If it weren’t for the differences in hair color, I’d be constantly confused. Even with the hair color, it’s still sometimes a challenge to immediately identify the protagonist.

After introducing humor into the series last issue, Ennis changes it up again this issue. Here the protagonist starts to understand the war; Ennis does all this edification in dialogue. War Is Hell is a success more in how Ennis is able to turn the series into an emotional self-discovery piece than an action comic.

Chaykin, obviously, is no longer suited for either type of story, but he’s completely incapable of doing dogfights and only mildly incapable of doing introspective scenes. And Ennis does work with what Chaykin is capable of doing. There’s not a lot of sitting and moping, it’s all in dramatic scenes.

Excellent stuff.

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