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War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle (2008) #1


Here’s the thing about Chaykin… no matter how many misshapen heads he draws, he still knows how to compose a panel and a page. Doesn’t remember what to do with it once that task is done (or more likely care to take the time), but he can lay it out right.

So while he’s not the best fit for War Is Hell—I mean, it’d love to see the script done by an artist who cares—he still brings it off. It doesn’t hurt Ennis’s script for this issue is outstanding. He lets himself have a little fun, getting some humor into a bad situation, but eventually the awfulness of it comes through and it hits.

There’s only one other problem—a scene relying on the reader hearing what the characters are hearing. It’s a strange mistake for Ennis. Otherwise, everything else he does in the issue works out great.

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