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Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Jekyll and Hyde (2010) #1


I’m sure I made the compliant during the first series (multiple times), but… really… who thinks Horacio Domingues is a good fit for Victorian Undead? I’ll get past the fact his “inks” appear to be nothing more than darkened pencils (and maybe some cleaning in Photoshop) and get right to his idiotic renditions of Holmes and Watson? It looks like he’s trying to turn them into Disney cartoon characters. Didn’t anyone tell him he’s at the wrong company?

Holmes looks like an action hero, Watson looks like his friendly old dad. It’s awful.

So in some ways, having Ian Edginton turn in this excellent script incorporating Jekyll and Hyde into the series’s continuity is a bad thing. It’s unpleasant to read, because some of the time is spent imagining the script drawn well and what a fine comic to would be.

Still, it’s well-written, just an atrocious visual experience.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if series like these involving foreign creators aren’t a “package” deal where x amount of pages/issues aren’t pre negotiated in advance and we just have to live with it until the series is completed. While I agree about the fit of the art, the amount of payment might not allow for the more laborious line work that would be more appropriate for the feel of a Sherlock Holmes period piece.

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