Dark Horse Presents (1986) #130


Wow, so Presents dropped Shane Oakley’s Stiltskin, one of the best things it’d published, before it finished? Swell.

For a replacement, we get the endless Wanted Man, from McEown. McEown is a good cartoonist, though his writing is self-indulgent and seems only to serve putting topless little cartoon girls in his story. It’s a waste of time.

Cooper’s Dan & Larry this installment expands the story’s world, which is cool. It’s not as disturbing as usual, just vaguely creepy at times. There’s still a lot of solid humor and Cooper’s art is excellent.

Murray and Gregory’s do a biography of Mary Walker, who was a Civil War surgeon. It’s okay… Gregory’s art is nearly up to par. Murray’s script concentrates on the Army’s misogyny, so it comes off poorly at times. Weak (non-factual too) ending.

Weissman’s Phineas Page is rather amusing (crossing over with the Marquis de Sade’s Justine).

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    Dave Cooper is easily one of the most disturbed artists in comics, period. He has also gotten a fine arts tag as a painter and you should look him up for more inspired art. Good stuff. God, where has Roberta Gregory been all these years? Ooops, I forgot, this is a review of an old comic, but not as old as her Fantagraphics comic from a while back. Good writer, fair cartoonist, worth reading. Weissman, while interesting at the first few exposures, kind of wore off of me after a while. This issue has a heckuvalott of indie cred. Didn’t remember DH being that involved bewfore.

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