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Five Weapons 2 (March 2013)

269848 20130401094458 largeRobinson probably gets in two issues worth of content, if you measure by what Marvel and DC put out. He doesn’t just resolve the previous issue’s cliffhanger, he introduces and resolves a plot twist–it’s particularly interesting because it’s so obvious and he can’t possibly expect the reader to buy it… and he doesn’t. It’s just how he’s pacing out the issue.

He establishes a new villain or two, he gives the lead a bunch of new friends, he has the evil schoolteachers work behind the scenes… I think there might be another action scene in there. Maybe not.

There’s also the flashback confirming the reader’s suspicions and then there’s the new cliffhanger. Robinson spends the whole issue building to this cliffhanger too. It’s not an afterthought.

The only weak spot is the protagonist talking to himself. Not sure why Robinson didn’t use thought balloons (he does later).

Otherwise, awesome.


Rick The Stick; writer, artist and letterer, Jimmie Robinson; colorist, Paul Little; editor, Laura Tavishati; publisher, Image Comics.

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