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Black Widow (2004) #6


Well, there’s the finish.

Morgan leaves it unsatisfactory—some of it—on purpose, but I wonder if he also needed a little more space. The issue ends with a tag announcing the sequel series, almost as though they knew they needed to promise more story….

There’s a somewhat lengthy fight scene this issue. It’s got some good moments (the fight scene), but it doesn’t have very much dramatic weight. It’s like Morgan thought of it in an outline and didn’t realize Sienkiewicz doing a blow-by-blow on the deck of a yacht would get boring.

Maybe it was Parlov’s fault.

Otherwise, it’s a really good issue. Morgan gets a lot in with the cast he’s established; his characterization of Natasha is exceptional. Usually male writers do something awful when writing female protagonists, but Morgan knows when to stop and knows how to sell it.

This one’s a great series.

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