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Hardware Wars (1978, Ernie Fosselius)

A scene from HARDWARE WARS, directed by Ernie Fosselius for Pyramid Films.

The best thing about Hardware Wars, in terms of actual quality and imaginative creative impulse, is recasting Chewbacca as a brown version of the Cookie Monster (except here it’s the Wookie Monster). Director Fosselius introduces it sort of as a gag, but then develops it. The puppet gives costar Bob Knickerbocker (as the Han Solo stand-in) his best scene. The puppet looks great and it’s hilarious.

In terms of most interesting aspect of the short… well, in one scene, Fosselius has more women in Hardware Wars than Lucas fit into all of Star Wars.

Fosselius sets up the short like a trailer for itself, moving through the big (and recognizable) scenes of Star Wars. He borrows dialogue, he makes observations about the film out of context….

It’s competent, but pointless. Hardware Wars is diverting as an absurdist exercise, Fosselius doesn’t have any interesting observations about Lucas or Star Wars.

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