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Thunderbolts (2006) #144


Wow, if Thunderbolts is so unbelievably stupid with a good writer like Jeff Parker on it, what’s it like when it’s got some regular Marvel hack writing?

It’s actually a good example of how a comic book has to visually flow together. When Baron Zemo shows up at the end, it just looks stupid. Sure, some of it is Kev Walker’s artwork—which I’d never seen before and it reminds me a little of Ed McGuinness but without any enthusiasm for superheroes. Walker’s style is a mix between McGuinness and a misanthropic Sam Kieth. It’s not just a matter of taste—Walker’s clearly incapable of putting Parker’s script on the page.

Parker’s got this big movie moment of Luke Cage jumping out of a plane to make an entrance and it just flops.

Then there’s the visually awkward prison tour.

It’s not all Walker’s fault, he just makes it worse.

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  1. Well, while I’m not quite as vehement as you are about Thunderbolts, I have different issues. All I can say is Luke Cage is everywhere these days. As if being a husband and father, a member of the Avengers, a friendship with Danny Rand, how would he ever have time in hell for the Thunderbolts? And just why is it the black man that has to lead a group of ex-criminals anyway? Kev Walker looks like he’s not utilized correctly, his cartoonish style works against any “serious drama” the script might throw at him. At least, it’s marginally different. I guess nowadays that’s not saying much. Still, better than many Marvel titles out there, and I guess that’s not saying much either.

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