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Black Widow (2004) #5


Wow, what a downer.

Morgan gives the issue, for its soft cliffhanger, an extremely depressing turn of events. Not the one I was worried about, but one I dislike maybe even worse.

It comes after the big revelation issue. I mean, there’s some bridging stuff at the beginning, but most of the issue is spent with Natasha learning all about the Black Widow program and what it’s done to her. Morgan does it in story, which really helps keep it fresh.

There’s a lot of talking heads this issue; it’s strange to see Sienkiewicz do the conversation scenes is a little strange, but he does a good job keeping it interesting. Morgan centers the issue around that conversation and it’s a fine scene, albeit expository.

It does nothing to prepare the reader for the finish.

I’m mildly concerned Morgan won’t be able to pull off a finish in one issue.

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