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Black Widow (2004) #4


So, for the first issue of the second half, Morgan’s changing it up again. He’s got Natasha in Russia, where she uncovers her past. It’s not the past she thought—I’m not even sure if it’s in continuity anymore—and the way Morgan does it makes the entire series feel like the first Black Widow comic ever. Even though she mentions the second Black Widow from the last series… everything old is new again.

Meanwhile, Morgan gets in the comic relief with Natasha’s friends back in the States (he’s joking about it going bad) and develops the villains. He implies a whole new reveal (which I may remember from the first time I read it).

Sienkiewicz, with his emotive lines, is a perfect fit for the comic, which now feels very Russian.

It’s an excellent issue; I remember why I was so upset Marvel didn’t let Morgan keep doing these.

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