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Curse 1 (January 2014)

Curse 01 rev Page 1Apparently the world needs another mediocre horror comic desperate for a Hollywood option. And Curse is ready for that option–widowed working class, black dad with a sick kid and a white sister-in-law who wants to take that kid away. So what’s the dad to do to provide? Hunt werewolves.

Of course, he doesn’t know he’s hunting a werewolf but when he finds out, he chains the thing up so it can taunt him. Little 30 Days of Night in there. Zero originality.

Michael Moreci Tim Daniel aren’t terrible writers. Their police investigation scene is a decent procedural scene. The stuff with the family and the dad? Terrible. Then there’s the art. The werewolf attack art is highly stylized and a lot more hurried than the regular art. The regular art is fine. It’s unclear if Colin Lorimer and Riley Rossmo do both together or separately.

Regardless, eh.



Writers, Tim Daniel and Mike Moreci; artists and colorists, Colin Lorimer and Riley Rossmo; letterer, Jim Campbell; editors, Bryce Carlson, Eric Harburn and Chris Rosa; publisher, Boom! Studios.

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