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Vengeance 4 (December 2011)

Huh. For the first time, Vengeance didn’t overtly impress me. There are some good scenes–like a WWII flashback to the Red Skull patting himself on the back for saving the world–and Casey writes Kid Loki well, but there’s definitely something missing.

Maybe it’s the confusion. The only confusing scene this issue involves the Defenders (or whatever Nighthawk’s team is called) apparently condoning the former Deathlok’s sale of SHIELD secrets. But maybe not. The scene’s pointlessly obtuse; hopefully Casey’s got a good pay-off for the subplot. As of now, however, it seems like it will be lackluster.

Also lackluster is the forbidden romance between the Teen Brigade’s leader and the only bad girl. It’s a complete misfire, including the reveal on her face. After four pages of being obviously secretive about it, Casey reveals it immediately with no dramatic purpose.

Great Dragotta art, particularly the fight scenes, helps.

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