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The Thessaliad (2002) #4


Something’s off with the eyes this issue. It never looks like people are looking where they’re supposed to be looking. Otherwise, McManus and Pepoy do a fine job.

This issue—and the last one—are narration free as Willingham turns Thessaly into the main character (she was the subject in the first issue and shared the spotlight in the second). He has to change things up so he can come up with his multiple surprises this issue.

He does a good job of giving that change in narrative device an organic feel. This issue he takes it even further in regards to pacing. It’s mostly summary. He has characters talking about their actions after the fact, providing brief narration while McManus does a couple panels or a full page spread to work with the words.

Unfortunately, the last page isn’t quite perfect and it needs to be.

Still, great work.

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