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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #21


I can’t believe I forgot the Kraven outcome. I also forgot about Doc Ock remembering Peter is Spider-Man. But I did remember, somewhat, the argument with Aunt May.

Aunt May’s been something of a cursory character these last issues I’ve been reading, so it’s nice to see Bendis give her the attention she deserves.

He also lets Peter feel good, for a second, about the heroics, as the news crews talk Spidey into an interview. Again, very funny, very solid Bendis dialogue.

The only problem with the issue is Bagley. He does an adequate job, but the talking heads scene between Peter and Aunt May shows off his deficiencies. Especially when compared to his action scene between Spider-Man and Kraven.

And that last page, with a full panel of Doc Ock, ouch. Bagley’s not ready for full page closeups. It plays counter to the very mature, reasoned writing.

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