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The Thessaliad (2002) #3


Willingham does a good twist and cliffhanger this issue. It’s especially funny since he sort of mocks any reader—like me—who fell for it in the dialogue. It’s nice how he can work on both layers.

I sort of remember this one—when Barry Allen guest stars in a great panel. But definitely not the end.

Pepoy’s back on inks and he and McManus do another lovely job. The second and third page are a double-page spread of a garden and seeing McManus’s work on such a big scale… he really does have a great touch for scenery too.

The issue’s smart and funnier than usual. There’s a sequence where Thessaly takes the reader (and her sidekick) through all the clues. Some the reader might have gotten, others probably not. It’s a nice layer for Willingham and McManus to incorporate.

It’s an excellent little series, pleasant and intelligent.

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  1. Gosh darn it, I missed this one. I will point out there is also another WONDERFUL Mc Manus (Thesaly?) mini, and it’s just wondeful. If you liked this, you’ll have to go for the next(?) one. Boy, that Kubert School of art really cranked out some greats for our generation.

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