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The Thessaliad (2002) #2


Willingham is still writing a little fast. This issue’s better, but it’s really just four conversations—three of them involving the same two people (protagonists Thessaly and Fetch). The conversations are good and amusing but they only sort of move the story along. Willingham has this idea of a question, with guardians. Moving past a guardian moves the story along. Thessaly gets passed two this issue (so, just like before, it’s hard to imagine how Willingham has enough story for three issues).

The issue also opens weird. Willingham has two layers—one with the action, then another with Fetch’s narration (actually, it appears to be Fetch talking, Thessaly just isn’t responding). It takes maybe three pages for it to start syncing and working and the scene’s over by the fourth or fifth page.

So, a little bumpy, but still charming.

McManus is still great (Pepoy does slightly change the art).

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