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Superman / Batman (2003) #73


Just like last issue, Levitz has a perfectly good handle on all the narration (it’s Superman, Lois and Batman again). Unfortunately, the plot doesn’t make any sense. Apparently, Lex Luthor is funding the Superman cult in order to get them to kill Lois Lane, but only if they get caught. Somehow, all of that business also has to do with Lex wanting to inspire an alien planet to worship him as a god.

What’s not clear is why the comic needs Lex Luthor at all. Levitz could have filled his pages with almost any other subplot (like the one he suggested in the first issue with Lois and a Planet coworker).

It’s actually rather confusing.

Ordway’s doing his paint-like thing again (he gets one great panel and then I realized it’s because Lois isn’t supposed to be moving).

It’s not bad… it’s just not good. It’s competent and disinterested.

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