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Superman / Batman (2003) #72


Interesting new art style from Ordway. It approximates the look of painted and has all the same problems of static figures and figures not matching their backgrounds. It starts well though, so when it quickly tanks (especially during conversation scenes), it’s a surprise.

Levitz splits the issue between Superman, Batman and Lois. Superman’s off in space, messing around with a meteor, pissing off an alien planet. It’s cool to see him going from world to world, but the art doesn’t match it. Lois is working on a story and then she gets kidnapped by… wait for it… a cult devoted to Superman, who want to burn her for spurning his advances. That revelation is the cliffhanger. It’s amusing.

Batman’s mostly along for the ride, thanks to Lois’s panic device (for when Superman’s out of town).

Decent first person narration from all three, but the dialogue is occasionally weak.

It’s fine.

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